Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blame it on the brain

Oh, and I thought I should mention that any future indiscretions that Alex might commit could be blamed on post-traumatic stress resulting from a bad spill he took today. To make a long story short (because the long story involves Alex throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the parking lot at Michael's because I wouldn't take him next door to see the dogs at PetSmart because we had a thousand other errands to run today to prepare for his party, and I set him in the back of the van so he wouldn't get hit by a car, seeing as how he was flailing around on the ground, and when I reached down to grab my purse off the ground, he fell out, hit his hip, and clunked his head on the concrete), he fell out of the van and clunked his head on the concrete. HARD. I pretty much freaked out and took him to the pediatrician, who said just to watch for unusual behavior but not to worry, otherwise.

Thankfully, I made him wear his baseball cap this morning because his hair was a mess, and besides, it was the perfect accessory to his sporty outfit. And I completely believe that the hat created just enough of a cushion between his head and the ground to prevent his brains from spilling onto the concrete. All he has to show for his fall is a tiny bump and some red spots where blood vessels burst when he hit the ground; however, I am still having major anxiety over what may be going on inside his head, namely, his brain swelling or bleeding or any of the other horrible things you imagine after your kid takes a major spill. At least his injury is under his hair and not in the middle of his face like it was last year. See, look at me being all, "the glass is half full!"


Joy said...

Sarah :( I'm sorry. This mommy-anxiety stuff just plain stinks. Sullivan has been taking spills in our living room onto various toys (and pulling down various tables/lamps onto himself) this past week, and his face and head are covered in bruises...I've been having the same anxiety. You and me girl - we're gonna kill ourselves with all this anxiety. Um, and I giggled a little at your story of how Alex actually fell out of the car - it's crazy how crazy these crazy toddlers get and then they go and hurt themselves. Don't they know how much we worry about them?!?!?!? Hang in there - hope your party is a blast! xoxo

M'laine said...

Scott debarked from the truck by stepping from the seat into thin air and landing on the concrete driveway when he wasn't quite 2. He had a HUGE bump on his forehead and I was very concerned as evidenced by my actually calling the ER[totally out of character for me]. After all that, look how he turned out. Whoops, maybe not the best example.

Grandpa in Peoria said...

Sarah, a little brain compression may be a good thing. When you were less than a year old (back in 1980, before car seats were required- well, at least before they were perfected), you were strapped in (not) behind mom in my 1973 van (not mini), and when I came up to a stoplight, your seat flipped forward, planting your head firmly against the seat in front of you, face down. Of course, the more brake pressure I applied, the more brain pressure you endured. Apparently you survived. Kids are tough, their heads are hard and their bones are pliable- a necessary attribute for toddler survival. I think we can all assume Alex is hard headed, it's a Boettcher inheritance.