Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I only took a handful of pictures last month that weren't associated with a particular event or belong in some sort of category, and those are the pics I usually share at monthly post time. I forgot to do that this month, so I will post them now, just to keep things interesting until b-day pics are done.

When we don't go to the pool, A sometimes plays in the inflatable one we have at home. And when I say "A plays in", what I really mean is, "A fills up with water and I force him to get in, at which time he whines until I let him get out".

He's really into standing at the sink and "washing the dishes", which would be really great if more water ended up in the sink than on the floor in front of the sink. Big thanks to Granny B for letting him do this the first time and leaving me to deal with it every time after.

He's really into cameras and taking pictures, probably because he's sick of having a camera pointed at him all of the time and is trying to give mom a taste of her own medicine.

Other than that, he just likes to play outside, watch inane childrens' programming on TV (Yo Gabba Gabba, I'm talking to you), and doing whatever makes Murphy bark the loudest.


leah said...

Him so cute!

Joy said...

he's so darn cute :) thanks for posting some pics to tide us over!

Granny B said...

Love the hair cut!
Oh, pppoooooorrrr Sarah. Her son wants to clean. Boo-hoo...what should we do?? Yep, that's me working up as much sympathy as I can for teaching A to wash dishes.