Thursday, July 30, 2009

staying in...around...near the lines

Okay, I just need to brag a minute...even though I don't know whether my news is bragworthy...but here's the thing. I think my kid is an artist in the making. That, or a totally neurotic basketcase in the making. Either way, it's nice to know he might be getting something from me.

This is a picture that he colored tonight.

Notice how each of the stars is yellow, the characters' mouths are orange, toes are green, eyes are blue...And this has nothing to do with the colors - I still think the kid is colorblind - but rather, the way he has colored each thing separately as opposed to scribbling haphazardly all over the page. And this isn't a one time deal, this is how he always colors now. Do all two year olds do this? If they do, then I am totally impressed by all two year olds.


grammy said...

Alex, Grammy is certainly impressed. I would say he has his mother's talent for sure and Grammy would love one of those masterpieces.

Granny B said...

Wow! As a grandmother I am certainly impressed. As an artist...I am really impressed! As a mother, I am really really curious. That does seem surprisingly controlled and purposeful for two. I wish I could do that. When does he start giving lessons?

leah said...

I can assure you not all 2 year olds do that. Normal? No. A slight case of his mothers OCD? yes! =)