Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I had a parent-teacher conference with Alex's teacher last month, and it went much better than expected, considering most of the reports I get when I pick him up from school are things like, "Alex woke Nathan up from his nap today", or, "Alex whacked Mason in the head with a rolling pin today".

Here is the report that she and I discussed that sort of covers all of the basic points.

We basically went over these notes, and then she expounded on each one with an explanation or an anecdote. For example, she said that Alex loves to "play businessman" with the phone and the computer keyboard, and that, as part of that charade, he will approach the little girls in his class and tell them, "You need to come answer the phone in my office". Just the girls, mind you. Apparently I'm raising a bigot.

She talked about how sweet and nurturing he is, despite the fact that he has some "aggressive" moments, and said that he loves to give hugs and comfort other children when they are upset. She was very impressed by his vocabulary, his eagerness to learn about everything, the fact that he recognizes letters (I didn't realize that was an impressive feat for his age...), that he knows letter sounds and can tell you what letter almost any word starts with, and that he seems to absorb information like a sponge. The latter was a huge relief to hear because that is a trait that Timothy possesses, and one which I am extremely jealous of. So I am pumped that Alex seems to have inherited that enviable characteristic (which helps to balance out the "not-so-enviable" traits that he has acquired from us...).

So it was a really good meeting and a huge relief that she had so many great things to say about our little man. Not that any of those things were news to us, it's just nice to hear someone else say it!

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Karyn said...

Isn't it nice to be greeted with such nice words upon picking up ones child. This past semester, I was greeted a few times with "Jack bit so-and-so today". Nice. Makes my day. Love being known as "the mom of the biter". Kids! Humph!
And congrats on the letters! That is a feat!