Monday, May 24, 2010

Status Report

I had my first weekly doctor's appointment last Wednesday and found out that Isaac is still hanging in there, head down, doing his thing (and his "thing" seems to be finding new and exciting ways to jam his extremities between my skin and bones), and not causing too much trouble. I was measuring almost a centimeter dilated, so nothing to write home about (although apparently it's something to write the Internet about), but at least it's a sign that somethin's happenin'.

He hadn't "dropped" at that point, but judging by how I've been feeling this past week and the way that my stomach is hovering somewhere between my ankles and kneecaps, I will be shocked if I go to my appointment tomorrow morning and find out that he still hasn't moved on down the line.

I'll try to give a quick update after my appointment, just so you all don't die from the anticipation. If you don't hear from me, assume that they've checked me into the hospital because I'm in labor. Or that I got busy doing something else and didn't feel like blogging. It'll be one of those two things.


Joy said...

Yay, Isaac, keep movin'! You are one fabulous looking pregnant Mama :) Thanks for giving us some more pics to prove that you actually are pregnant. And your feet and ankles look great! Oh I can't wait to meet this little boy. Love you!!

Emily said...