Sunday, May 30, 2010

killing time

A and I have been spending a lot of time out in the backyard, playing in the sprinkler and enjoying the warmer weather.

Alex has never "loved" the sprinkler (or pools or water in general) but he LOVES to be outside, and he is slowly warming up to the idea of playing in the water to cool off after running around in the yard.

As opposed to most women's attitude towards being pregnant in the summer, I actually love it. In my opinion, the less clothing you have to wear while pregnant, the better. Here's another recent "belly picture" for those interested in such things.

Tim came home, took one look at me and said, "1991 called. They want their Umbros back." My response? "They're Mitres, butthead. If you're going to insult me, at least be accurate."

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Joy said...

HA!! Loved that :) I love that you still have those sandals too. I kind of like the takes me right back to good times of high school. I'm kind of jealous...I want some umbros and addidas sandals too (or whatever the heck brands you're wearing). And I just love that belly. And I'm kind of with you on the summertime preggo thing...I really enjoyed are so right with the less-clothes thing. LOVE YOU!