Friday, May 14, 2010

And we shall call him...

Isaac Glen Evans.

Yup. There it is. In print. On the internet, no less. No going back now.

I swear, we haven't kept you all in the dark on purpose. We have had the darnedest time agreeing on a name for this child, and now that we are in the final stretch with less than five weeks to go, we decided we must bite the bullet and freakin' decide already, or else I'm going to end up signing "Juicy Beluga Evans" to the birth certificate on the day he's born.

The name "Isaac" is of Hebrew origin and translates to "laughter", which is pretty awesome as far as name meanings go, not to mention that we have several family members and close friends that share the name in some form or another. But we really chose the name because we both liked it enough to let go of our respective lists of "preferred" names and finally commit to something. And now that we've committed, I think we are both confident that we've made the right choice, and we're definitely happy to finally have something to call this child.

Choosing his middle name was a much easier task. We decided long ago to use Glen after my grandpa, who is about the coolest guy on earth, and we are praying that little Isaac can live up to his namesake. Ironically, Glen isn't even his "given" name, which is one of many great stories about my Poppo. Ask me about it sometime.

So now I only have about four weeks to practice yelling saying his name, and hopefully that will be enough. If I draw a blank when it comes time to sign the certificate, we might be back to Juicy Beluga. It does have a nice ring to it...

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Love, love, love it!