Friday, April 27, 2007

Eldo, Here We Come!

This weekend will be a doozy. Tim's cousin Amber and her husband Brad are coming in from Tulsa tonight and will be braving the mess that is our computer room for a night before we head to Little Rock for a wedding tomorrow. We will be meeting Tim's folks at the wedding, after which we will head down to Eldo for our first baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I'm so excited to have a shower cuz I think having baby stuff will make it feel more like we're actually having a baby. For some reason, having this little creature constantly beating me up from the inside hasn't driven that reality home yet. I'm hoping that we'll have enough room in our Altima to bring home all the loot we are expecting to score - we may have to rent a trailer for the ride home. I will share post-shower highlights on Monday, once I've had a chance to recoup...

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