Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Post Preggo Shout-Out X 3

I'm going for the hat trick here because three good friends recently had three precious baby girls - all around the same time - so I'd like to try to overload you with sugar and spice and everything nice by shouting out to all three in a single post.

Lauren Elizabeth Weems
Born March 16, 2007
7lbs. 3ozs. 20.5inches

Sadie Joy Cheshier
Born March 20, 2007
6lbs. 15ozs. 19inches

Quinn Ellis Carpenter
Born March 25, 2007
7lbs. 10ozs. 20inches


Oliver said...

yay, what a fun post! and what beautiful babies. 3 good contenders for Oliver's girlfriend :)

Weems World said...

Thank you, you are so sweet to think of us!

leah said...

One for Oliver, one for Alex and one for the side :) hehe j/k!!! They are all so cute!!!! Your turn is oh so close!