Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doctors and Do's

Yesterday afternoon we had yet another doctor's appointment. It was pretty routine - peed in a cup, had blood pressure taken, belly measured, etc. I actually hadn't gained any weight since my last visit, which I am chalking up to my busy week followed by a weekend of supermodel-like behavior. Mari didn't seem worried about it, so I wasn't either. She asked if Alex had been moving well, to which I replied with a resounding yes. He was so active this past week that I emailed Timothy to ask if he had ever heard of anyone who suffered internal trauma due to extremely active fetuses repeatedly kicking vital organs. He said he hadn't. But I'm still convinced it's a possibility.

Mari did another ultrasound to check things out. Oddly enough, the bigger Alex gets, the harder it is to see what's really going on in there. She pointed out his hands and knees, his full bladder, and as Timothy describes it, "reconfirmed his boyhood". Then she paused and said, "Oh." For Timothy and I, her "oh" translated to "uh-oh", and we waited with bated breath for her to explain her reaction. She pointed out some little pointy things attached to a big round thing, and said, "Do you know what those little spikes are?" I completely drew a blank. But Timothy, ever the logician, replied, "Is it hair?" Sho'nuff, little Alex is sporting a full head of hair, which according to Mari, is pretty uncommon at only 31 weeks. Although it was pretty amusing to see it, I was really not surprised considering I was born with a noggin full of bushy black guinea pig hair and totally expected that I would be giving birth to a hairy little monkey of my own.

We got some pics to take home, but as I mentioned, its pretty hard to decipher what's what. The one at the top shows Alex's spiky 'do, the second is knees and a hand, and the third shows his...well...boyhood.

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leah said...

Hey! I could make out a pretty good bit! Or at least I think I could!! :) What cute little fingers he has.....yeah for Alex!!!