Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All in the Family

My mom and my Aunt Suza - extremely creative and talented artistes extraordinaire - spent last night working on handmade invitations for my Peoria shower. Mom sent me an email to summarize that experience, which I felt had to be shared. Anyone who knows me may be aware of the gift (or curse) I have of picking the most difficult possible way of doing things - especially when creativity and originality are at stake - which is why I found her message to be so amusing.

Here is an excerpt from the email Mom sent this morning:

Well, after 7 hours the two of us got most of the invites half done....almost. The part we do have done is looking pretty good. I can't believe I have to go buy MORE supplies! These now cost more than double your wedding invitations and I am trying to not punch the smart guys in the mouth that are now telling me I could have ordered exactly what I wanted online for half the price and have the professional look done in two days. Timing people! Where were they when I was obsessing about designing these!?

The good news is that we had a really fun time and I wish I would have taken pictures. I looked so bad last night that Suza turned around to get something from me and burst out laughing. I didn't get it until later when I looked in the mirror to see my hair looking like a Phyllis Diller double and the Rocky Horror Picture Show make up from the pool scene. In other words... I was looking a bit rough.

Another 5 or 6 hours today and I should have the 30 invites done with only one additional mortgage on the house...

See folks, creative overachievement runs in the family! And this is just mom we're talking about! Nevermind the fact that my dad insisted on building a changing table rather than just buying one! Or that my little brother is successfully living gig to gig. Or that my sister spends months at a time on a ship carefully honing her photography skills. My insanity is an inherited trait! Not that I would have it any other way...