Monday, April 30, 2007

Squeaky Clean

After a great time at the wedding on Saturday, we showered in Eldo and scored lots of great gear and gadgets for baby Alex. Here are some of the highlights of the festivities. Once I've had a chance to sort through all of our gifts, I'll share some more pics of our baby booty.


leah said...

All of Tims expressions in those shower pictures are crazy!! At least though he isnt talking in them :) I had a great time with y'all this weekend!!! Cant wait for shower #2!!! YEAH for free stuff!!! :)

Weems World said...

You are so cute-fabulous maternity dress by the way! You really look "big" all of a sudden, I love getting that way, when people can tell without a doubt that you're actually pregnant:) I'm jealous that you got to go back to el do for a shower, I'm sure you had a great time. Love ya'll