Friday, April 6, 2007

Great Friday

My boss was kind enough to give us the day off today, and I really wanted to take advantage of the occasion. So Timothy and I started the morning at La Maison des Tartes - that's "House of Pies" for my non-French-speaking readers - which is one of our favorite local spots for coffee and pastries (well, my favorite spot for pastries, at least. Timothy likes their coffee, but it is never hot enough for me. What can I say - I'm my mother's child!) Timothy indulged on an Americano and a delicious poached pear brioche, while I sipped a lukewarm hot chocolate and chowed down on a divine piece of lemon thyme cake.

Seth and Joy had the day off as well, so we thought, what else would Seth and Joy rather do on their day off than hang out with us?! So, being the good friends that we are, we invited ourselves over to the Primms' for lunch. The Primms were out and about so we met up with them at Wal-mart where we did some quick shopping and watched Timothy blow it up at the Guitar Hero demo in the electronics section.

After experiencing his glorious rendition of "You really Got Me" (lame Van Halen version, not the superior original version as performed by the Kinks), we headed to the Primms' house, dodging a few random snowflakes on the way. That's right! Snow! In Arkansas! In April! In the same week that temperatures reached 83 degrees! That don't make mama very happy.

Anyhoo, we had a yummy lunch with Seth and Joy and Timothy even got to play a little more guitar. That makes daddy very happy. Oliver has become fascinated with the guitar and music in general, which is not particularly surprising when you consider who his daddy is (singer/guitar player extraordinaire). He thought Timothy could use a little help so he went in to show him how it should be done. I think Timothy's ego was a little bruised after being schooled by a ten month old, but he'll get over it.

After the Primms', we headed home and I headed straight for the bed. I didn't get the greatest night's sleep last night due to a poorly timed tortellini dinner that left me with serious heartburn, so I was due for a nap. Tonight we'll just chill,
grill some steaks for dinner, and watch What Not to Wear on the tube. All in all a pretty dern good day!

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leah said...

Okay so yeah the only words I knew in that entire first paragraph were "hot chocolate"!! Way to fancy for me :) And, next time you guys come down, Tim is going to have to challenge all the "Ball girls" to a guitar hero competition! I think they could take him down!!!!! I did some VERY GOOD shopping today!!!! Cute, cute, cute outfits......and a pair of shoes!!!!! hehe!!!! I actually ended up buying a couple of things for me too!!! That child is going to put me in debt!!! oh least when he comes to visit me in the poor house, he will look cute!