Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Belated Easter!

I know I'm running a week behind, but I wanted to share some of the fun Easter surprises that we (aka Alex) scored last weekend. For example, Grandma and Grandpa Boettcher sent a fun Easter card. Enclosed were five dollar bills, a handful of confetti (as Alex will soon learn, no letter from Grandma Boettcher is complete without a handful of confetti that will fall out and make a mess) and a message that read:

Here's a little money to help you on your way.
I hope you have a great Easter Day!
One to save,
one to spend,
one to share,
one to send.
The last one is up to you
what you think you want to do.
But I hope it's me you lend it to!!

As instructed, one of those dollars will be going into Alex's savings account, bringing the total balance to $101.00! The fates of the others are still to be determined, but if Grandma B is really hurtin' for some dough, he might consider lending one to her.

The Easter celebration in Peoria was at my folks' house this year, and Great Aunt Karen brought an adorable stuffed bunny for Alex to enjoy. Word is that he is super soft and that he made the rounds at the party so everyone could love on him before he came to Arkansas. As far as I know, he has yet to be named. Maybe one of my clever commenters can come up with a worthy name for him to adopt. I'm open to suggestions...

Aunt Karen and Bunny No Name

Grandma & Grandpa Boettcher and Bunny No Name

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Oliver said...

your mom looks fabulous in that picture. she might want to be called "grandma" in that caption, though ;) had fun today - thank you for keeping oliver and me company and keeping me from going insane! love to the 3 of you...