Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Birthday Boy

...So Alexander Lloyd Evans was born on July 10, 2007, at 6:14pm. He weighed in at exactly 8 pounds, measured 21 1/2" long, and is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He has flawless skin, not the least bit blotchy or wrinkled like that of so many newborns. The nurses immediately commented on the size of his feet and hands, stating that he is sure to be a big'un, destined for a life of athletics and, well, big shoes and gloves. Majority opinion is that he has my lips and chin, Timothy's eyes and forehead, and that his nose is still up for debate. One of our favorite features is his hair - it is sandy brown and shiny, with a slight wave and luscious golden highlights like he just came back from summer vay-cay in the Hamptons.

I got to hold him immediately after I delivered him, which was incredible in every sense of the word. Just minutes after he arrived, he was already bright-eyed and alert, examining the faces belonging to the voices that he had been hearing for so long. The experience of seeing him for the first time was so surreal, and I can only assume that his experience was infinitely more bewildering.

What a miracle babies are. Especially when they are your own.

We promised Team Alex the very earliest possible glimpse of their mascot, so while I was being...pampered...Timothy took A to the window where our families were waiting, cellphone cameras poised, and presented the newest member of the clan. After the nurses were comfortable with Alex's vitals Timothy and I spent a few minutes with Alex alone. When the lashing at the door was more than we could bear, we let Team Alex join us in the room for a short meet and greet. Soon after, Alex was transported to the nursery (with daddy in tow), where all of the basics in newborn baby care were covered. He was then chauffeured back to our room, sporting a very stylish "faux-hawk", where I was anxiously waiting to see and hold him after missing him for almost 3 hours.

We were very proud of our families, who were very patient and took turns with the baby like big boys and girls. We didn't even have to break up any fights over who got to hold him next. Good sharing, family. Five gold stars.

What a trip. Lil' man has no idea how much these people already love him. Hopefully one day he will realize what a lucky guy he is!

To be continued...

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