Monday, July 9, 2007

Final Thoughts

So here I am, on the eve of the big day. It is not unlike the feeling I had the night before my wedding day - surprisingly calm and ready to face things as they come. I prefer not to think too much about what may or may not happen, or I will drive myself to insanity by worrying about things I cannot change anyway. That said, I am beyond ready to meet my precious baby and expect tomorrow to go smoothly if I keep my eyes on that prize.

When I posted my 9 month entry, I quipped about it being my last monthly entry, assuming there would be no 10 month entry. If only I could eat those words now... I felt it necessary and fair, at this final stage, to share some last pics of my huge belly before it is no more. In case you are curious and don't want to ask, let me also add that my final stats include a 35-39 pound total weight gain (depending on who you ask) and a total circumference of 41 1/4".

I am feeling quite conflicted about saying goodbye to my preggo self, because the time I've had with Alex as he's been growing inside me has been a precious gift that I will always remember and that I will always miss. However, I know that the next stage(s) I'll share with him will be infinitely more special, and that makes the parting much easier to bear.

Now for more sap and mush that is so uncharacteristically me. I just wanted to thank everyone who has followed my little adventure through Preggoville. Timothy, of course, who has been on this crazy ride with me from the very beginning, has been amazingly supportive and nurturing and through this process has only further inflated my ego in that I found someone so awesome to be my baby daddy. I can't imagine anyone being more prepared, excited, and made to be a daddy than he is, and I know many people who can attest to that fact. Thanks to our families who have been so supportive and excited for us (and themselves). We realize that this has been quite a long time coming, but we assure you that it will be worth the wait in the end. We also are so grateful for the friends that we have shared this experience with - we are so lucky to have so many incredible people in our lives. And although I am breaking award show acceptance speech etiquette by thanking God last, I prefer to sum things up by thanking the Lord for all of the blessings that I have just mentioned and those He decides to bestow in the future (hopefully He will be in an especially giving mood tomorrow).

So that's all I have. Thanks for reading and for commenting and for sharing this experience with us. This is the end of an era. Okay, that's a little dramatic. But it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another and I do hope all of you continue reading.

To be continued...


leah said...

Well Im down the street at the hotel, and I still cant resist reading the blog!! I CAN NOT WAIT till tomorrow!!! You have been the best preggo...cankles and all...for anyone that hasnt been around Sarah, I havent heard her complain, once!! Never, at all!!! I know you and Tim are gonna have the cutest, sweetest little ladies man!!! Watch out girls!!! I promise to spoil him rotten, feed him "bad" foods, and always say yes when you guys say no!! Hehe, totally kidding!! I promise to be a good auntie......well most of the time! See you in the am!!!

Oliver said...

Love you guys so much - we are praying for you all day today and can't wait to get updates. We are so excited to meet sweet little Alex and can't wait to join you in welcoming him to our world. Words are not enough to express our feelings right now...what a huge, nay, monumental day this is! We are so blessed to be able to share it with you. See you SOON!!
your rock star friends, the Primms