Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bringing Home Baby

Okay, so I need to get back on track after that little diversion. Where were we? Ah yes, we will continue by discussing the events of July 12th...

...At last, the day had arrived to take Alex home. Tim's family and my dad had to head back home in the morning, so Team Alex had a final meeting in our room where everyone held Alex one more time before saying tearful goodbyes.

We attempted to dress Alex for the first time in "non-hospital attire" for his homecoming. Although the onesie was quite a good fit for the teeny guy, his plaid shorts (which seemed so tiny when we bought them) swallowed him up. He really wasn't pleased with the fit and preferred to go pantless rather than ending up on some fashion "don't" list for busting too much of a sag.

After Alex and I had our last check-ups with what seemed like every single staff member at the hospital (the pediatrician, midwife, lactation consultant, various nurses, administrative professionals, etc., etc.), we were finally discharged. We buckled 'lil man into his carseat, they buckled me into a wheelchair, and together we rolled in style out to the car.

Timothy and I decided that we wanted to keep the homecoming experience just between the three of us, so we sent Rachel and Mom off to the movies and we made the short trek home from the hospital.

We were pleasantly surprised to get home and find balloons on our mailbox, a banner on the garage, an "it's a boy!" sign in the yard, and a diaper wreath on the front door. We were even more shocked when we got inside and found the makings of surprise birthday party for Alex and Tim (his birthday is July 20), complete with decorations, cake, presents - the whole nine. Alex was very excited for his first party, but we decided to wait for Mom and Rachel to get back to help us celebrate, especially since they were instrumental in planning the event, along with Timothy's family.

In the meantime, we introduced Murphy to the newest member of the family. We thought he might be upset about not being the baby of the family anymore, but he seemed to be excited about being a big brother.

We also realized that a diaper change was in order, and we were very anxious to make use of the changing table for the first time. Timothy led the charge - it was a little rocky at first, but we had a clearly posted reference guide to help us get through. Luckily, no one got hurt, and A came away with a freshly dressed rear to boot.

Eventually, Mom and Rachel got back and we partied like rockstars.

All the partying and diaper changing was a bit much for a newborn to bear, so Alex went to bed in his pack 'n' play, surely dreaming of all the excitement the next day would bring...

To be continued...

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morgan said...

Greetings All, Oh! What a beautiful baby Boy!!!!
It seems Proud Parents and Grandmama have made it through the ordeal/blessing.
Kiss a baby toe for me please! (I have a thing for baby toes!)
Here's to Baby, Mom, Dad, Grandmama, Grandpop, Aunts and Uncles.
Wishing you Love! Joy! Peace! and Good Health!
See you when you get get home Amy Lou.
Until next time, Morgan E.