Monday, July 23, 2007

His First...

As I've mentioned, most of the things that Alex does on a daily basis are firsts. Like his first bath some of those other things we have been able to capture on film. Here are some other "firsts" that Alex has experienced in the last thirteen days:

First swing (outside of the nursery)

First time in the baby carrier

First "real" doggy kiss

First time in his crib

€€First time with his "GiddyUp and Go" gym

I also clipped his teeny little fingernails for the first time last week, although I did not attempt to take a picture of myself trying to do it. It was scary enough just trying not to clip his little fingers, let alone trying to operate a camera at the same time. You understand...I will try harder to capture future "firsts" so that you all can share in these very special moments.


Oliver said...

I love that first pic up top - he is just so cute. I love how newborns constantly have their knees up to their chest like they're still in the womb :) And that second picture of Tim and "the legs" is hilarious! I'm glad you took a pic of his head in that carrier so we could see what was going on in there! :) What a sweet boy you have.

Chad, Shara, and Kayla said...

Sounds like things are going great. Let me know if you need company someday. I'm just here chillin with Kayla. We can bring lunch one day. Let me know. My number is 381-4866

Weems World said...

He really already looks like such a grown up boy-he doesn't look very "newborn" anymore-what a handsome stud:)