Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bye Aunt Rach

We couldn't talk Rachel into blowing off any more work than she already has, so she had to get on a plane Saturday morning to meet her boat at its port in Cleveland. However, before she left we made sure to take advantage of her photog skills and do a quick impromptu photo shoot. A was quite excited for his modeling debut and totally hammed it up. What can I say, the camera loves him!!

This is Timothy's favorite - A and his now infamous faux-hawk. This is one of those pics that we will look back at when he is an adult and say, "what were we thinking doing his hair like that?" But for the time being, he is really developing his sense of style and we are going to let him run with it.

Murphy does not seem to be exhibiting any signs of jealousy; rather, he desperately wants to be able to play with this new creature we've brought into the house, or at least, to be able to give him lots of sloppy doggy kisses. But Murph has been surprisingly good about respecting A's space, coming just close enough to sniff at him before we shoo him away.

Even crying he is adorable. Rachel thought so too and made sure to take plenty of crying pics to prove to people that he actually does do that on occasion.

Ain't they precious? I usually shy away from sappy pics like this, but I've made an exception. This one was too sweet to pass up.

Rachel will be coming back here after her next tour (in about six weeks) with some of her equipment, so we will be doing a more "professional" shoot at that time. Until then, Alex will be watching Zoolander and reruns of America's Next Top Model to make sure he is adequately prepared...

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