Monday, July 9, 2007


We've finally decided that tomorrow is the day. At this morning's appointment, we found out that I am still at 1.5cm and closer to 70% effaced - not especially remarkable in terms of progress since last time. However, we asked Mari whether she expects there to be "material" difference in the risk of C-section if we go ahead and induce tomorrow as opposed to waiting until Friday. She didn't seem to think that the risk was worth waiting four more days for, so we went ahead and scheduled the induction for tomorrow. That means we will check into the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow, they will monitor my contractions and Alex's heartbeat, then Mari will check things out and "install" some kind of labor-inducing pill to get things moving. If that doesn't take, we will move on to Plan B (Petocin), Plan C (breaking water), or, God forbid, Plan D (C-section) until 'lil man decides to make an appearance. In other words, there is no Plan E (going home without a baby). We're in it for the long haul!

Now that I have explained our plans, allow me to express how I am feeling right about now... Holy schnikeys, we're having a baby!!! Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. It's still quite surreal at this point, which is good because if it were "real" I would probably be pretty freaked out right now.

I am the tiniest bit bummed that A has decided not to show up unannounced, and I am still holding out hope that he will make a surprise appearance tonight. Since my appointment this morning I have been having really strong (and regular) Braxton-Hicks contractions and have a lot more discomfort in my back and abdomen, which could mean absolutely nothing. But it is a change from what was going on yesterday, and in these situations, any kind of change is promising.

Regardless of the outcome, the gang is on its way - Dad is heading down from Peoria, the Evans crew (Bill, Vicki, Leah, G-ma, Mamaw, and the dogs) is heading up from Eldo, and Rachel called the boat and told them she'd catch up with them at their next port. I have packed a bag of games and snacks to entertain them (distract them) at the hospital, although I have a feeling that it will take more than games and snacks to keep them from congregating at the door to my room...

I may have to recruit someone (Auntie Leah has already volunteered) to run back to the house and post some updates as things happen tomorrow.
If by chance the hospital has wi-fi, I may sneak in a laptop and try to post between contractions. How impressed would you all be? Otherwise, you all will just have to be patient and wait in anticipation until I can get back to the computer and let you all know the 4-1-1.

I am contemplating writing one more pre-Alex blog tonight, as a final farewell to my prima gravida days
, so be sure to check back in before beddy-bye. TTFN.

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