Sunday, September 9, 2007

Alex Digs Grandpa

Alex has had yet another busy weekend. Friday afternoon I took him up to Resource Design to meet my co-workers and to have lunch with my girls, Katie and Amy. He was perfectly content until I took him inside our office building, where the male dominant workforce likes to keep the thermostat hovering somewhere around fifteen degrees. Alex, being a cold-natured creature like Mama and Granny B, was less than pleased with the nip in the air and fussed until I got him back outside where he was warm. I guess A wasn't feeling Mexican that day, because he spent most of our lunchtime at Las Palmas whining about how the salsa was lacking cilantro and that he had found eggshells in his huevos rancheros.

Timothy had joined us on the drive up to Rogers but we parted ways so that he could have lunch with his friend Nick. We met up again to go home but decided that it had been too long since we hung out with the Primms and decided to crash their pad as long as we were in their neck of the woods. Alex and Oliver played together and A even scored a big sloppy smooch. Awww, they're best buds already!!

Grandpa (aka my daddy) came to visit us on Friday night since he didn't get to join in the fun earlier in the week when mom was here. He came bearing gifts!! He had stopped at the grocery store and bought one of each item so that we'd have plenty of food in the house and I didn't have to brave the treacherous aisles of Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. It was such a thoughtful gesture. Do I have a great daddy or what?!

It was always important to my dad that his children be as self-sufficient as possible, and he expects no less from his grandkids. So he insisted that Alex hold his own bottle while eating, and Alex, wanting to please and impress Grandpa, did just that and held onto his bottle for the first time.

As if bottle-holding wasn't enough, Alex decided to show Grandpa that he could roll over. He had done it four times up to that point, so he added two more times to his tally. Further, he has proven to be an ambidextrous roller and will roll in whichever direction seems more likely to promise success. One of these days I will capture it on film so I can demonstrate his rolling prowess.

Aside from all the rolling and bottle-holding that went on, Grandpa and Alex spent a lot of time just hanging out, telling jokes and watching college football. Alex was sad to see Grandpa go this morning but happy that he got so much time with him this weekend. Thanks for visiting, Grandpa!

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