Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beautiful Babes

This week Aunt Rachel was here to do a photo shoot of her adorable nephew. I happen to be the booking agent for Hot Tots Baby Modeling, Inc., so I also lined up three full days of subjects for her to shoot while she was here. We had the opportunity to work with a variety of up-and-coming youngsters that were brilliant at working the camera. Despite some tantrums and diva-like behavior from several of the models (you know who you are), the shoot went off without a hitch and yielded some great pics...

Alexander Lloyd Evans
2 months

Zola and Mia
(Italian Greyhounds)

Oliver Franklin Primm
15 months

Kayla Gail Manning
11 weeks

Jacob Patrick Simpson
3 weeks

McKenzie Lauren Most
2 months

Quinn Ellis Carpenter
5 months

Additional pictures can be viewed at my Flickr site - totally worth checking out...

1 comment:

Oliver said...

um, I'm pretty sure those are some of the cutest kids on the planet...