Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On A Roll

Sunday night, Aunt Rachel came to shoot Alex (aka "take his picture"), accompanied by Granny B. Granny B's visit was short-lived, but she couldn't wait another minute to see her grandbaby so she came all the way from Peoria to visit for a single day. Alex made it worth her while because on Monday, while he was lying on the floor waiting to have his picture taken, he rolled over for the first time!!

He started out on his belly while Aunt Rachel got some equipment together. He was moving his arms and kicking his legs and ended up rolling onto his side. He hesitated for just a moment before one last foot thrust flipped him onto his back. His accomplishment caused all four of us to shout and clap in praise, while Alex continued to lie on his back with a bewildered look on his face. What was all the fuss about and how did he get in this position?

I don't know if this feat will be repeated any time in the near future, but we were very proud and happy to have witnessed such a landmark event.


leah said...

you know he's rolling because of all that good therapy he got this weekend ;) Every 20 minutes........

hillarykey said...

I am sure that he will continue to repeat this awesome feat! Congrats to the little guys. It will sure make "tummy time" difficult though.