Monday, September 3, 2007

Eldo or Bust

We spent Labor Day weekend in El Dorado, where Timothy had his ten year high school reunion (Go Cats!) and Grammy got to introduce Alex to the six hundred plus El Doradans that have been waiting to meet him. While Grammy spent some quality time with Alex, I spent some quality time doing very important things that I wouldn't normally have time to do, like eating and honing my Guitar Hero skills (I rock).

The reunion took place over two nights, so Friday night we went to La Bella's for the "ice breaker". Timothy ran into lots of people he knew, and pretended to remember lots of people who apparently knew him. He had to improvise on a couple of occasions, responding with the ever popular "" when confronted by someone whose name and/or face had escaped him.

Saturday night was fun and we got to reconnect with several of Timothy's good friends. Funny how you go to a reunion and everyone sticks to the same cliques as they did in high school. It was fairly uneventful, as far as reunions go, which was somewhat disappointing. I guess we didn't stick around long enough for the debauchery. Oh well, maybe the twenty year reunion will prove to be more scandalous.

Grammy was very excited to show Alex off to family and friends, and he was excited to meet them, as well.

Sunday morning, Alex attended his first church service at Marrable Hill Chapel, where throes of people anxiously waited to make his acquaintance after enduring many weeks of Grammy's bragging. He insisted we gave him a bath before church and dress him in his nicest churchworthy duds to make sure he would make a good impression...

...And that he did. He slept through much of the service, and when he fussed a bit, Grammy took him to visit with the ladies in the nursery. Overall, his visit was a success. He lived up to expectations and Grammy got to spoil him rotten, if only for a few days.


leah said...

How come in the group pic from the reunion all the guys except Tim look goofy?? Tims usually the crazy looking one?? Im impressed :) And yes you do rock at guitar hero....uh huh yeah...sure you do :) Tell Alex Auntie L hopes to come visit soon (without grammy) so I might actually get to hold him!!! OH and by the way, I found a typo in here :)

Oliver said...

You guys looked great both nights at the reunion! Yeah, kinda funny that all 3 guys except Tim have their eyes all the way or part way closed - that's too bad :) And Alex looks like he's chunkin' up a little! Yay Alex!!
Love, Joy