Sunday, April 6, 2008

Always on my mind

I went to a "sip 'n' see" Saturday morning for our friend Ashley and her daughter Caroline, kind of a post-birth baby shower where you actually get to hang out with the baby. Us CG girls got to spend some time together, sans rugrats. It was kind of nice to be kid-free for a change, although most of our conversations still revolved around the babies, and I spent most of the time wondering what Alex was doing. Go figure.

In addition to the shower, we had another fun weekend with Grammy. This time, she followed the newly instituted "24 hour minimum" rule and stayed from Saturday at 11 to Sunday afternoon.mmI was expecting Alex to be down for his afternoon nap when I got home, but I was happy to find that he took a long morning nap and was still up and at 'em, having a good ol' time with Grammy.

We had some errands to run after his afternoon nap, so he had a quick snack and then waited patiently with Grammy and I while his Daddy finished primping.

Soon it was bedtime, so A went to sleep and refueled for the events of Sunday. When he woke up at seven, Grammy went in and got him.

We started the day with a big breakfast.

We were feeling a little guilty about skipping church, so Grammy read Alex some stories from his baby Bible while Timothy and I eavesdropped. That's gotta count for something right?

Grammy got A to get a little goofy for some pictures, which he happens to be a natural at.

After Alex's morning nap, we got his lunch packed up and set off to find some lunch of our own. Vicki had a hankerin' for cheese biscuits, so Red Lobster it was.

It was a beautiful day and we wanted to work off some of those cheese biscuits, so we played outside for a while and Alex showed Grammy how he operates his walker.

As usual, going back uphill went a little less smoothly than the ride down. Grammy tried to encourage him to shuffle up on his own, but Daddy quickly grew impatient and implemented a more efficient method.

Vicki had to head back to Eldo and Alex had to head to his bed, so we said goodbyes and went on our merry ways. This saga is yet to be continued, as we will be traveling to Eldo next weekend. Hopefully Grammy can hold out 'til then...


leah said...

So I have a question.....think you could put that cute little corn dog in a box or something and mail him down here few days early????!? I CANT WAIT to see him!!! Aagghhhh!!!! Why must he be so stinkin' cute???

grammy said...

Hey, I really liked that "24 hour" thing. That was a really fun weekend!