Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A and B

After 19 months of consideration, I think we have finally settled on Mom's official granny name. She will officially be known as "B", and although the pronunciation has been decided, the spelling is still up for debate. Mom suggested "Bee", so she'd have an excuse to start investing in a wardrobe of yellow and black granny sweaters covered with bee-shaped appliques (as if being a grandmother is an excuse for poor fashion). I thought "Bea" would be more appropriate, cuz what grandma wouldn't want to be thought of as a "Golden Girl"? For now, until we reach an agreement or until Alex vetoes all of our ideas and comes up with something completely different, I'll just refer her to her as "B", aka Grandma Boettcher, aka Gramboe, aka Granny B, aka whatever else Alex decides to call her.

Now that we've got that covered, let's talk about how much fun we've had with B while she was here. When Alex woke up Sunday morning, he and B read some books, then went downstairs to play with the new front loader truck that B brought him and eat some sweet potato pancakes and strawberries for breakfast (not pictured).

B tried to put A into his jumperoo, but he was less than cooperative when it came to putting his feet through the holes. As you can imagine, that makes it hard to jump. But A didn't seem to mind and sat patiently like this until B started to feel guilty about leaving him in there, bent in half with his feet in his face.

Bathtime with Alex is always fun and B never misses an opportunity to partake in the festivities.

B brought Alex a new fun bath toy - a mama turtle with a baby turtle attached to her rear by a string (according to B, it was a grandma turtle and her grandbaby). When you yank on the baby, the mama's arms paddle and move them through the water. That baby must've been fatter than he appeared, cuz the mama was a little sluggish trying to drag him around.

But Alex really loved it. It was so sweet - A gave the baby turtle a kiss...

...then tried to eat it. Maybe turtle soup should be the next item on our "foods for Alex to try" list.

Apparently that little turtle didn't fill him up, cuz then he tried to take a bite out of the tub guard.

Once A was good and pruny, it was time to pull him out, aka time to admire himself in the mirror.

The next day, we had a relaxing morning and then got ready to run errands.

Alex wanted to drive B's Jag-oo-ar, but we thought he oughta master the art of walking before he tries his hand at driving. Plus, it would be especially hard to reach the steering wheel from his backward-facing carseat.

B left for home early Tuesday morning, so we got one last morning of fun before she hit the road. We were sad to see her go but were comforted in knowing we'd see her again soon, namely for Timothy's graduation on the 17th. That will be the first time the whole family, as in Timothy's family and mine, will be together since A was born. And it will be the first time they will have to share him since then. Should be interesting...


leah said...

I, Leah Michelle Evans, do swear to be a very good "share-er" during Graduation weekend. AMEN!

Laura said...

Hi Sarah, it's Laura from ElDo again. I just had to tell you that Alex is just adorable!! He has to be one of the cutest little guys ever! I know you don't know me, but since your FIL gave me the link to your blog, I just have to check in occasionally to see what Alex is up to. Here is the link to my little boy's blog (if you ever get bored and wanna check out the blog of a child you don't
You can email it to email it to Vickie and Leah if you want - they know my little guy. Thanks! And keep up the good blogging!