Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sorta Kinda Preggo Shout-Out: Joy Primm

Okay, so normally I wait until a little closer to a preggo's due date to post a shout out. But in this case, it's the Primms, so my normal rules don't really apply. And, to that point, this is more of a shout-out combined with a regular "all about Alex" post, so sorry Primms, you are kind of getting gypped out of your very own "all about Primms" post. I'll make it up to you somehow...

So yes, in case any of my readers are not yet aware, Joy is preggers with baby #2, due on September 5. Things are going well, or as well as can be expected considering all the ickiness that is associated with being pregnant. Supposedly the second time around is even harder than the first, so I have that to look forward to.

Anyhoo, they had their ultrasound at 8:30 this morning and asked if we could watch Oliver, so we packed Alex's breakfast and headed to Lowell. Besides being one of the first to find out the sex of baby Primm, this visit was significant in another way. One of us could have stayed home with Alex so he could nap in his own bed, but instead, we threw caution to the wind and determined that A could nap at their house, by golly, whether he liked it or not. He slept great at my parents' house at Easter, so we were hopeful that his aversion to "napping out" had run its course.

But first, we sat at the table and the boys had a healthy breakfast of fruit and cereal.

And then...it was naptime. Alex went down at nine on the dot, talked to himself for 3-4 minutes, then...silence. Glory be, the child went to sleep in Oliver's bed without a second thought. The spell is broken! Freedom at long last!!

So I'm a little excited. Anyway, as Alex napped, we spent some QT with O, playing with trains and dancing to the VeggieTales "Hairbrush Song". It's a pretty catchy tune. In fact, I'm currently looking to get a version for my iPod.

Around 9:00, Seth and Joy texted us to give us their big news. They are having a click here to find out. We were so so excited and couldn't wait to hear more details.

Alex was out until 11 sharp, per schedule, like the darling, wonderful, precious boy that he is. Seth and Joy had arrived minutes earlier, so he was up just in time to have more fun with Auntie Joy, Uncle Seth, and Oliver. That O sure does give a mean hug. His little click here is gonna be one lucky click here.

By this time, we were hungry and it was verging on Alex's second naptime, so we gathered our eleventy-million bags of Alex-related paraphernalia and headed down to Fayetteville.

Oh yeah, and congrats Primms on your beautiful baby click here!!


grammy said...

Congratulations Primms - I had to check your blog so I already knew before Sarah had posted. Ok Molly T and John, your turn - what's it gonna be!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures of A & O. Looks like Timothy and Seth at that age. I've got to find a picture of them because I know I have one!

leah said...

Oh where is my hairbrush?? Oh where is my hairbrush?? Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh whhheeerrreee....is my hairbrush??

hehe sorry, couldnt resist!! I love VeggieTales...cute blog!!

Oliver said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! You guys rock our socks off, and O cried for Tim-Tim the rest of the day...no kidding. Anytime I got on to him for anything, he gave me the lip and said "Tim-Tim". He needed his Uncle Tim-Tim to rescue him from mean old Mommy. It's too bad he doesn't love you guys at all. I mean come on. :) And yay for A sleeping in O's crib!! That was a huge success. And what's up with me looking totally gnarly in those pictures? Niiiceee. Thanks again for today...and for the CUTE shoes and shirt. It's special to already have something for him. Makes him feel even more real!

Amy said...

To the Primms
O-how exciting! and OH! how exciting!
Congrats on having "more JOY" to share! Sorry. No more punny jokes.
I can't believe that picture of the sonogram! By golly, you could pick that kid out of a line up from that and he's not even here yet! Magic! I'm so happy for you.

Sarah, What a great milestone! Freedom. Naptimes around the world! Yeah!
Granny B