Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What happens in Eldo...

Oooooohhh Lawdy, I don't know if I'm up for this blog-writing challenge. We had a very fun and eventful visit in Eldo, one that involved much picture-taking, leaving me with hundreds of images to browse through, choose from, post, and write about. Fortunately, a picture says a thousand words, so hopefully I won't have to add too many more.

QT at the hizzy:

Poppa brought home some baby chickens and we let Alex have his first close encounter with wildlife. I am one of those overly-sensitive-wannabe-pacifist types that hates to hear, see, or read anything that has anything to do with hurting animals, so I nearly peed myself when my darling, sweet son nearly ripped the head off of one of the chicks. "Gentle" is not yet a word in his vocabulary, but you can bet it will be before his first visit to the petting zoo.

A glimpse of Timothy in fifty years. What have I gotten myself into?

A loves his Auntie L:

Alex and Uncle Danny. Something tells me these boys are nuthin' but trouble:

Hanging with the family at Mamaw Meador's new house:

Alex bonding with Auntie Leah's boyfriend Chris (if you can take your eyes off of Ashley, you might be able to see them):

Me demonstrating my fierceness, modeling Mamaw Meador's blue hoodie while T-rash snuggles in to stay warm:

Round one of our never-ending HORSE tourney (where I stepped on a rusty nail in flip flops, couldn't remember when my last tetanus shot was, and am now patiently awaiting the onset of lockjaw):

My jump-shot is tight, but my granny-shot leaves something to be desired:

More outside fun at Mamaw's:

Visiting Mark, Laura, and Jack Day and new baby Charlie!

Bathtime (sorry Alex, had to do it):

Church and the age-old conundrum known as "Grandpa confusion". Oliver occasionally has to give Bill the ol' double-take to make sure that the white-haired guy he sees is not his own white-haired Papa. Apparently Alex has also fallen prey to "the confusion" as evidenced by the perplexed look on his face when faced with both G-pa's at once. Is that Alex's Poppa or Oliver's Papa? We may never know...

An exhausted mama after an early morning and long day (of fun, of course):

Napping with my baby boy, who decided not to take a nap in his pack 'n' play one (and only one) afternoon and screamed until he finally passed out next to me in the bed:

Fun with the Ball girls and six-month old Tinsley. A was in serious "mack mode" that included flirting, kissing, and even a serenade. Play on, playah!

Guitar Hero has been trumped by Rock Band:

Alex tries his hand at Rock Band:

Sigh. I think that about covers it. We decided to stay an extra day and came home this morning instead of yesterday, as planned. A was a champ on the ride there and back, slept well (enough), and was as charming and entertaining as always. Good thing since we'll be on the road again this weekend, off to Dallas for an apartment-hunting expedition. 'Til next time...


Weems World said...

Who's baby is Tinsley?

Amy said...

Auughghhg! Warn the Evans I'm movin' in! Oh, it looks like sooooo much fun! I miss everybody so much! I LOVED the pic of Leah and Alex. Oh, the expression on Tinsley's face as Alex moves in! Too much fun! Chris? Leah's boyfriend? Wait. Everyone KNOWS ya gottsta have Granny B approval! If I don't scare him off we know he has the guts to tough it out in the family! I might have to make an Eldo run!
Granny B

Molly Telford said...

Yeah, since when does Leah have a boyfriend and I don't know about it???? Sorry Alex, I know that this is YOUR blog, but somethings are urgent info!!! Leah, I need an email asap containing your boy toys full name, SSN, DOB, occupation, essay of his "intentions" with you, and complete family history. Due ASAP!
Molly "D"

Quinn said...

OK, way too much fun to comment on! LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E the bathtime pics. That Alex has one tight little tushie!!

Oliver said...

Love these all. Sarah, you are rockin' HOTT in Mamaw's hoodie, and the b-ball pics are super cute. And Oliver's Papa sure is cute too. I love that Alex had Grandpa confusion! Too funny. We need to get all 4 of them together and see what the boys do. :) Such a fun post. Made me even more excited for our Eldo trip coming up in a few weeks! And we missed you at CG.

Day Family said...

It was great to see you and Tim! Next time, we have got to see Alex, he is just too cute! And we are so glad to see that you all enjoy the basketball goal and court. We worked really hard on that!!

seth said...

lame post... maybe next time you could add a few more pics, eh?

Cousin Ashley said...

I really don't like that pic of my arm in the picture of me holding Alex. It looks really fat and white. I just don't like it.