Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Runaway Ride

Ahhh, spring is in the air. Or at least it was today. So while Timothy was at class (poor sap), Alex and I took advantage of the lovely weather and spent some time outside. I'm generally a slob, but I love to organize, so I have been looking forward to some decent weather so I can get back into the garage and start packing some things for our move. As usual, I put Alex in his walker, hoping he would roam around the garage and amuse himself while I cleaned.

It was a good plan in theory, but within minutes, Alex grew bored of what the garage had to offer and was ready to branch out. I needed to get our garbage can from the end of our street (because some sadistic city planner thought it would be a good idea to make the residents of our street hike half a mile to take their garbage out, which is loads of fun, especially in the winter when that river you see running down the drive freezes into a solid sheet of ice, turning Aslan Place into a lawsuit-begging slip-and-slide, which sounds like fun, but isn't so much when you are lugging a stinky garbage bin back and forth in the freezing cold), so A and I set off on our little adventure.

I had to hustle to keep up, cuz when he gets that thing rolling, there ain't no stopping him. I'd say he gets that thing up to 2 or 3mph, easy.

Going down is no problem, but making our way back up the hill tends to present some challenges. Mostly because, on the way back up I'm lugging a stinky garbage can, and it's much harder to redirect the walker should Alex veer too far in one direction. And what's worse, he tends to veer so far in one direction that he is facing downhill again and immediately starts rolling back down at warp speed, so I have to drop the garbage can and book it down the hill to catch up with him and drag him back up, only to start the process over again. Eventually we made it to the top, and by then, the two of us were so pooped that we went inside to rest.

For me, "resting" meant folding laundry and packing up the computer room, while for Alex, it meant taking a two hour nap. When he woke up, we just played in the living room and listened to 90's music on XM radio.

A tried desperately to climb this bin, but it proved to be just a little too high.

Better luck next time, buddy.

After lunch and a second nap, we went to pick Timothy up from school. On our way home, I suggested we stop at the park since poor Timothy did not get to enjoy the fresh air with the rest of us. So we did.

A had fun swinging...

...but as usual, I think he was even more interested in watching everyone else swing.

Before we left, we just had to check one more thing...

Yup, still hates grass.

We've been working with Alex on "what Murphy says", and as we were leaving, he barked at a couple of dogs walking through the park. Coincidence? I think not...


Weems World said...

okay, seriously-you guys are moving? Where to? When? etc...
BTW-Sarah I love the new haircut! I'm a short hair kinda girl myself!
(Just not right now:)

Zololkis said...

See Please Here