Thursday, April 24, 2008

Free to pee

I know, I know, what's taken me so doggone long to get another post up? We have been busy doing lots of un-blogworthy things (although some might argue that Alex's bowel movements are blogworthy), so...I just plain ol' haven't blogged about them.

Ha, I mentioned bowel movements in jest, but I'm about to blog about them anyway (, Granny B!). Alex was running around naked before his bath again, and you know me, I can't resist a nudie baby booty. I snapped a couple of pictures, and as I was setting the camera down, I heard a grunt of effort coming from Alex's direction and saw the focused look on his face. EEEeeeeeeekkk, I thought, Alex is trying to poo without any pants on!! I panicked, froze, and held my breath until it was over. Apparently peeing without pants on takes more effort than I would've thought, cuz that's all he did. Yup, whizzed all over himself, his baby gate, and the floor, missing Murphy pup by mere inches.

Fortunately, he was about to take a bath, so cleanup (of Alex, at least) was no problem.

Timothy has been studying for finals so we don't see him much these days, but last night he came home early. Alex was already in the tub, and as he heard Timothy's voice in the hallway, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "DA-DA!" It's seems he officially knows both of our "names" and will use them at will - Timothy's when he's excited to see him and mine when he wants something. Especially at naptime, when he knows I can't resist his wailing "Maaaa-maaaaa's!!" and will come running to comfort him. Little booger.

I bought A some new summer jammies yesterday because it has been hotter than the hubs of Hades in his room lately. They're basically teeny tiny boxer briefs and a t-shirt, and I think they are to-die-for cute. And I think that he looks so old in them. You know, like, two years old.

Then A went to bed, and that's the end of my story. Hopefully something more exciting happens in the next couple days, otherwise you may be forced to go without any posts or hear more about bowel movements. Any votes?


leah said...

First off.....anything that has anything to do with Alex is cute and definetly "blog-worthy"!! So you best keep posting. I mean what else do you have to do...cook...clean...pack...feed :-) And I love love love those pj's!! Way too cute!!

Chatter said...

The PJ's are adorable!! I love Conner in his fitted summer jammies. They are TOO precious.

Conner pooped on the deck the other day. Nothing like a good bowel movement story :)

Have a great night and good luck packing!

Oliver said...

Um, those jammies are freaking awesome! Where did you get them?? Oliver needs some new