Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Hole in One

Thanks so much to my thoughtful commenters for the words of encouragement after yesterday's entry. I knew I could count on y'all for some good advice and I really do feel better today. Being at home all day everyday has focused my attention on how cyclical this stage of childrearing is and how motherhood really is 24-7-365-forever, which really can be quite overwhelming. But to be fair, it has gotten better. Sometimes you've just gotta vent, and fortunately for me (maybe unfortunately for you) this blog has proven to be very cathartic.

On a lighter note, I think Alex peed into his own mouth last night. Yeah, you heard me. When he started to wake up from his evening nap, I whisked him upstairs to get him ready for bed before he could completely wake up. However, as soon as I laid him down on the changing table, he awoke in a fuss and a hissyfit ensued. I quickly stripped off his onesie and started to change his diaper before his fit could escalate any further. The washcloth/pee-pee shield that I use to cover his boy parts was in place, and I attempted to slip it out at the same time that I folded the diaper up to secure it. In that split second of exposure, a heavy stream shot through the air in an arc that seemed bound for Alex's widely agape mouth. It must've hit its mark, because suddenly Alex's squinted eyes shot open and he began making these awful choking sounds. I panicked and quickly sat him up before I realized what had happened, then tried to apologize to my poor baby between fits of laughter.

I composed myself long enough to finish dressing him, feed him, and put him in his bed before heading downstairs to relate the hilarious story to Timothy. Typically, he starts to fuss around five minutes after I leave his room, then I go back into comfort him. Five minutes passed. Then ten. Then fifteen. Not a peep. He rarely goes down to bed that easy, especially for the first time, especially in his own bed.

Long story short, I am thinking about adding a splash of urine to his bottle every night. Hey, whatever works, right?


Quinn said...

Forget what I said in my last comment. If a shot of urine is what it takes, go with it!! haha!! According to "Man vs. Wild" (tv show on Discovery Channel), urine is sterile and safe to drink for up to like 3 hrs, but I think it has to be the 1st "potty" in the morning. (I almost gagged when I watched that episode) I love how you don't hold anything back....thanks for sharing. Stories like that, make me thankful that I have a little girl!

leah said...

Like father like son :) Not that I know Tim has done that, but it sounds like a very "Tim-like" thing to do :)

Rachel said...

This is Gramboe. Rachel couldn't wait for me to get to my computer to read the blog! AAAAhahahahahh-a-a-aa.... aahahah..a.a.. I did say WHATEVER works!
Maybe Alex thinks you did that to him to make him quit crying! He probably was afraid to make a "pee"p after that! HHHahahahaaa-a-a-aa.a.a.a..aa...a... I'm gonna get a good giggle out of this one for a long, long time. I think this story might have to come up in front of his prom date! Yeah- I planned that far ahead for you too!
Love Granny B or whatever Alex wants to call me!

hillarykey said...

Are boys great?! Just wait, when Alex gets a little older it will seem like he is aiming that thing right at you! I love reading your blog, and I can't wait to meet Alex this weekend at the reunion. Have a safe trip down. Maybe we can exchange funny boy stories.