Monday, August 20, 2007

Party Boy

The last few days have been quite busy, what with all the partying we've been doing. Thursday night was the annual law school cookout to kick off the semester, so Alex made the rounds to meet all of Timothy's schoolmates, including his good friend and fellow member of "The Crew", Matt Panach.

The next night, Alex made an appearance at the law review party (not pictured), although he couldn't be bothered with it and slept soundly through the whole thing. I think he was saving his energy for his next party Saturday morning. His buddy Hudson was having his one year birthday party and it would be the first time our whole community group would be together since all the babies had arrived. It was quite the babyfest, since every member of the group now has one. It was great to finally be able to exchange stories and advice with the other new mommies (and the old ones).

After the party, we went home where we waited for the Evans clan to come up from Eldo. It had been three weeks since they had seen Alex, which is entirely too long. We had a good time playing games, and Alex got to know his family a little better. He's not so sure about Cousin Ashley and Auntie L (aka Trashy Ashey and HonoLuLu). He thinks they are kind of weird, but he's stuck with them so he'll have to get used to their antics.

Before they left, he even got a ride on Grammy and Papa's hawg. He's officially a biker baby now, although we have yet to find black leather chaps that will fit him...


leah said...

You couldnt put the sweet little video of Alex being excited to see his Auntie L, could you??? You had to put this awful picture on there! Youre in big trouble missy, big, big trouble :) hehe and I like to think of myself as creative not weird!!! :)

Oliver said...

Okay, gotta comment on Grammy and Papa's matching shirts again...too cute! What a fun time at Hudson's party with all those cute babies - and who's the teenager in my arms?? A is adorable with Dad's thumb in his mouth :)