Thursday, August 16, 2007

Small Screen Debut

Guess what folks...we have video!!

My brilliant husband figured out how to embed video clips into our blog. Now, in addition to still pics, you can enjoy the Alex Evans Experience through live action shots!

His debut performance took place on our bed in the (early morning), where we had propped him on his Boppy so he could work on his head raising skills. It is hardly Oscar worthy, but it is the only one we have uploaded as of yet. Nevertheless, we give it two thumbs up!!

p.s. Please disregard his unruly hairdo and pajamas - he got into a spat with his stylist right before the shoot and she refused to work with him (he's such a diva).


leah said... guys werent dressed? Meaning youre walking around your house naked at this point??? Yikes!! When we come up this weekend....lets try not to do that :) Love the video!! They'll be real fun when he stars talking!!!!!

hillarykey said...

Hey, I would love to know how to embed videos!! We have a couple that I would like to show. It is so amazing how fast they start "performing" for a camera!1