Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Sleep for the Fussy

Alex had his weight check at the pediatric clinic this morning and man, what a fatty he has become!! Okay, not really. But he is up to 8lbs. 5.5ozs. and is 22 inches long, which means he has been averaging a 3/4oz. weight gain per day (as compared to the average of 1oz. a day). The doctor was cool with that amount and gave us his blessing to continue our current feeding regiment. We mentioned the issues we have been having with him wanting to nurse all of the time and asked for any advice he might have. His response: "Yeah, that stinks. He'll probably get over it." Thanks doc.

We have attempted various things to calm Alex when he is fussing at naptime, including rocking him, singing to him (when I do it, he seems to get even fussier), whispering sweet nothings, giving him a warm bath, continuously looping classical music CD's courtesy of the good folks of Baby Einstein, etc. I am always worried that he is too cold to be comfortable, particularly since Timothy prefers to keep the house around negative twelve degrees, so I made sure he was adequately prepared for the sub-zero temperatures by dressing him in thick socks and a stocking cap.

Of course Daddy saw this as an opportunity to dress him up like a true O.G... Holla!!

I also spent a fortune on a fancy sling at a swank baby boutique in KC (although I think I could've bought the same exact thing at Target for much less...but don't tell Timothy), hoping that I could soothe him to sleep while getting some housework done. He loves it or hates it, depending on his mood.

When we finally persuade him to sleep, often after many minutes of "fussing", he has often tired himself out so that he sleeps pretty hard and for quite a while. When he woke up from a long nap this morning, he had a pretty severe case of "bed head" that we had to share...

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