Friday, August 17, 2007


I had put Alex in his crib and he was having some good (aka unfussy) waketime, so I decided to put some of his toys in there to see if he would look at them and/or play with them. He noticed them right away and started to flail his arms around, which I interpreted to mean, "Yay, I like toys!" I hollered for Timothy to come watch him and got the camera out in case he did something filmworthy.

Again, any actions that he takes at this point might be more accurately attributed to instincts rather than brainpower, but I like to think that my child is a genius in the making and that each and every move he makes is deliberate and not at all coincidental. That said, take a look at my brilliant five week old interacting with his toys:


Weems World said...

What a darling boy!

leah said...

Its no accident....see that pattern? Black and white check....he sees it!! At least we know he has good eye sight and reflexes are on track :)