Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Proud Mama

None of my extended family or friends in Peoria had yet seen Alex, so Mom arranged to have everyone over on Sunday afternoon for a "meet & greet". A made the rounds, starting with my Grandpa Errion, aka Poppo, who kept thanking me for making him "Great". I kept insisting that he was already great and that Alex just made it official.

Grandma Sally got him next and quickly discovered that he likes to give and receive kisses, although his "giving kisses" consists mostly of him trying to eat your face.

(Great) Aunt Karen also got her hands on him, and even Grandpa B managed to wrestle him away from the crowd for a few moments.

There was a great turnout of people who were excited to meet Alex, and he seemed to meet their high expectations. He was a very good boy, on his best behavior all night, and made Mom and Dad proud. He didn't fuss much except for when he was hungry, which was usually every three hours on the dot, and didn't mind being passed around like mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

The overall consensus was that he is a swell guy and that we should definitely keep him. All of his efforts to impress left him pretty tuckered out, so my sweet little boy ended his busy day with a pre-bedtime nap.

Ugghhhh, he's so cute, I can't even stand it...

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leah said...

Oh man!!! My cute little ladies man looks 4 months old in that last picture!!! Alex, stop growing until Auntie L can see you again!!!!!!!!! (which better be soon)