Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A and Miss Renee

Alex is fourteen months old today, which we celebrated by leaving him at home with a stranger while I went and got a pedicure. Of course, that stranger has 6 years of professional childcare experience under her belt, which is four years and eight months more than I have. Thing is, I had a dentist appointment this morning, and Timothy's work provides each employee with 20 days of backup childcare at a drastically discounted cost. So the "childcare professional" came to our apartment to watch Alex from 8-12 (there is a 4 hour minimum) while I had my teeth looked at, and since I still had some time to kill when I was done, I killed it at the nail salon...

Truthfully, I was a little nervous about leaving my most valued possession in the hands of a stranger, despite the background checks and drug screenings and torture tests and whatever other qualifying procedures the folks at Bright Horizons subject their "would be" babysitters to before they send them into strangers' homes to care for strangers' strange kids. Of course, it's really no different than qualifying daycare staff to watch your kid before you drop 'em off at the door to do God-knows-what after you leave. At least this way, he could only do God-knows-what in our own home with our own stuff.

As soon as Miss Renee showed up, my nerves settled and I realized it would be just fine. She and Alex hit it off right away; he smiled big when she came in and walked right over to her to be picked up. They had a fun time, and when I got back, Miss Renee filled me in on the details. Like how many bowels movements he had (TMI, Miss Renee, TMI). She also mentioned that she had brought some Vienna Sausages for herself as a snack, and was it alright that she had let Alex have one? I didn't mind, Alex didn't mind - it seems the kid loves a Vienna Sausage - and neither did Murph, who apparently scored one himself when Alex wasn't being careful. I was happy with how things seemed to have gone, Miss Renee was very nice, and I am already planning to use day 2/20 to get my hair done.


sarah rose said...

What a great program! Sounds like you found a keeper in Miss Renee. I'm doing the childcare hunt now- shudder, shudder... And its never TMI when its your own offsprings' b.m.'s

Amy said...

Going on what Sarah Rose said, Sarah, remember the time when you had a BM ....nnnaaawww....just kiddin'. My child never did anything as unrefined as that...but now let's talk about when the twins were little!! a ahahaha..a.a..a
Wait-I don't talk about bodily functions, remember?
So, I am so glad Miss Renee was wonderful and that you got a day off..kind of. Counting the days until Christmas when we get you here again.
Granny B