Sunday, September 7, 2008

More family fun

Phew, so I finally got done writing about our weekend with Granny B, and now I'm more than a week behind writing about last weekend with Grammy and Poppa. So I'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet before next weekend gets here (although I have dozens of pictures to post).

Grammy and Poppa got here Saturday around eleven, while Leah, Chris, and Mamaw Meador would be leaving Eldo around noon to head our way. In the meantime, the five of us went to lunch at Sammy's BBQ downtown, just up the street from Timothy's office. Alex and Grammy liked their lunch so much, they decided to "raise the roof".

After naps, Alex and Grammy shared some grapes and Alex reminded Grammy and Poppa of why they come so far to see him. Because he's so cute, I mean. Like I have to say it.

We wanted to get Alex a basketball hoop, so we headed to the Toys 'R' Us. Auntie L, Chris, and Mamaw Meador had made it to town and were waiting for us outside.

Inside, Alex found lots of things that he wanted to take home. Time for someone to start his Christmas list!

We did pick up the basketball hoop we came for, and while Timothy and I were checking out, this is what Alex was doing:

I'm not gonna lie, I did have to take a few deep breaths at the sight of Alex so "hands-on" with undoubtedly cootie-infested equipment. But he was having fun, and everyone was having fun watching him have fun, so I relaxed and went with it (after remembering that I had a bag full of antiseptic hand wipes, of course).

Oh, by the way, guess who's getting maaaarrieeeeeed? No, Mamaw isn't getting hitched (that I know of). Our little Auntie L is!!! Auntie Leah and Chris are soon to be Auntie Leah and Uncle Chris. Exciting news, huh? So we decided that their engagement was reason to celebrate, which we did by gorging ourselves at Texas Land & Cattle. First, Alex ate his dinner...

...and then he provided the post-meal entertainment.

One last picture with the happy couple before we left.

Mamaw, Grammy, and Poppa came back over to our house to hang out before Alex went to bed, and Mamaw brought these fun paddles with suction cups and a ball that sticks to them. Alex loves them and will throw the ball across the room, walk over to the ball and smack it with the paddle, then pull the ball off of the suction cups and start the process again. I think Timothy and I might like them just as much as he does, although he rarely lets us play without him.

Finally, it was time for bed. We had big plans for Sunday, so after breakfast, the gang came over and we hung out for a bit before starting our big day. When Grammy and Poppa had arrived on Saturday, they came bearing gifts - like this cool bike. It's no Gold Wing, but Alex loves it. He has perfected the art of moving backwards, but moving forward has proven to be a little trickier. For now, he just stands up and walks it around the room, which he demonstrated for all of us.

It was time to head out on the town.

Since Tim's family hadn't seen his office yet, we headed to TK for yet another grand tour. It was still nice, and Alex was still only interested in daddy's baseball.

After the tour, we ran down to the Farmer's Market, where we taste-tested just about everything there was to be tasted and picked up tomatoes, strawberries, nectarines, plums, and green beans. And all that fruit just made us hungrier for some "real" food. Like pizza. So off we went, to California Pizza Kitchen.

Alex has been getting up well before the crack o' dawn (more on that in another post), so he's been napping earlier than his usual 1 o'clock and will often fall asleep on the fly. In the ten minutes it took to get to CPK, he completely passed out.

And although that is not unusual as of late, what is unusual is that he stayed asleep through the process of unbuckling and removing him from his carseat, for the walk into the restaurant, and for the first few minutes of dinner. That almost never happens.

Luckily, our boy is a good-waker-upper and was happy to discover that he wasn't just dreaming about the smell of pizza.

As if pizza didn't blow my diet enough, we decided dessert was in order. And what better place to get dessert than Sprinkles? Oh, about that. Somehow my original post about Sprinkles fell between the cracks and I never published it. If you're interested, click here to read about Sprinkles (and pretend that I actually I posted it back when it says I did).

So anyway, we walked across the street to Sprinkles, and Grammy and Alex stopped along the way to, eat the flowers.

Then we ate cupcakes on the lawn.

Alex didn't miss out on the action, and unfortunately for Auntie L, her cupcake was the one closest to his face.

After he finished devouring Auntie Leah's cupcake, he moved on to Mamaw's.

And then we had to cut him off. We stopped in at Swoozie's (where I'm not allowed to go without supervision because I would come home with the whole store) so Vicki could pick up some party supplies, and Chris and Leah and Alex found some fun glasses that they modeled for us.

On our way out, we found something that Auntie L just had to have, in case anyone has issues with her upcoming wedding plans. Although I can't imagine anyone would have a problem with camouflage tuxedos or a cake made of Twinkies.

Mamaw, Leah, and Chris had to head back to Eldo, so we parted ways and went back home to relax with Grammy and Poppa. After dinner, Grammy and Poppa had to head back, too. Now, we're just hoping to get them all back up here soon, hopefully for some wedding dress shopping.


leah said...

Yeah so Alex wins cutest nephew ever!!! Love all his goofy faces :) What a ham :) And oh the button, how GREAT it is!! hehehe Hope to be back very soon for some shopping!! Gotta go start my diet....

grammy said...

Hey Sarah, you forgot to say that Alex "was teaching" Grammy how to raise the roof. Maybe next time he can teach me the water fountain, or is that water hose, or is it the water sprinkler? Anyway, we had a great, great weekend, thaaaaaaannnnnnnkkkkkssss!