Friday, September 26, 2008

My slimy, drippy ball of snot

I guess I have to attribute Alex's recent moodiness to massive snot backup in his brain because last week, the phlegm floods came a'-rollin'. Poor guy. He was pretty miserable which, of course, made me pretty miserable. I'm not used to him being so whiny and clingy and, at times, inconsolable. It's so heartbreaking to have no idea what's wrong with him and how to make him happy.

Pitiful, ain't he? At least it made him slow down a bit, and he was actually willing to sit in one spot and watch TV for more than a minute and a half. Not to encourage couch potato...ness, but more than a couple of minutes between chasing him from no-no's is a welcome break.

Of course, I'd rather him be healthy and hell-raising than sickly and still. So during the moments that he was feeling okay and decided to run me ragged, I just had to remember to be thankful that he had enough energy to cause trouble.

I did find a couple of things that always seemed to improve his spirits. A hot bath in the middle of the day became a common activity. He had a wicked nasty cough that made me cringe, and the bath seemed to loosen things up and give him a few minutes of relief.

And I have been letting him sleep with a pillow like a big boy to keep his head elevated, which he was really excited about. Although I can't imagine that he actually keeps his head on the pillow throughout the night, it seems to have done some good because he doesn't cough as much and he's not as snotty.

We've been getting extra hugs and cuddles, which is nice, but I'd rather he just feel better and start being himself again.

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