Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One of those days

Taking cues from some of my fellow mommy bloggers, I decided to add storytime at the local Barnes & Noble to the list of regular activities that prevent Alex and I from winding up in the looney bin. We got there a few minutes early, so A had a chance to feel the place out first. Of course, that meant heading directly to the stuff with wheels.

We moved over to the storytelling area and found a nice comfy spot on a bench. A is generally quite the mover and shaker, so I wasn't sure how he'd do in a "sit still and be quiet" sort of situation. But he did great, sat still for the first couple of books, and listened intently to the stories.

The little girl next to him thought he looked hungry so she offered him some goldfish - the first one he's ever had, I think - which he politely accepted. He then proceeded to invade her personal space by standing less then three inches from her and talking loudly into her face. I'd say that's an even exchange.

I didn't realize how many books they actually go through during one of these things, but after what seemed like the twelfth book, some of the kids started getting antsy. Go figure. At that point, as far as Alex was concerned, all bets were off. He was all, You mean we can get up and run around? And I was all, If those kids jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too? And he was all, Watch me!

Relatively speaking, he was a very good boy and loved to be with the other kids, so we will definitely be making B&N a regular on our Fun Things To Do list.

After storytime, we bought a few books and then left. It was another unbelievably gorgeous day, and I was not looking forward to going back to the apartment and making lunch, so I called Timothy up and convinced him to go to lunch with us. It took a lot of arm-twisting, followed by bribery and threats, but he finally agreed. We went to one of our favorite places, eatZi's, where we sat out on the patio and enjoyed our lunch in the breeze.

It's so nice to have a kid that'll eat pretty much anything, because it makes impromptu lunches like this so much easier. This particular day, Alex had a quarter-pound of tomato and mozzarella pasta salad with basil and...currants...I think.

He was either excited about his delicious lunch, happy to be spending time with the coolest mom and dad on the planet, or just as giddy about the beautiful weather as we were because he was totally hamming it up for anyone willing to watch him.

Although the afternoon was a bit of a drag, that morning was one of those that you just cherish. I'm looking forward to many more of those, now that the weather has cooled down and we are more inspired to go out and about. Yay for fall.

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