Friday, September 12, 2008

Sawing Logs

On one of our aforementioned trips to the mall, Alex and I passed one of those indoor mall playgrounds, the kind with the giant rubbery animals that kids can climb on and tunnels that they can crawl through. This particular one was swarming with kids and moms who were also taking measures not to go stir-crazy at home. We were in no hurry to do anything else, and I figured Alex would love to join in the fun, so after I patted myself on the back for being so laid back about cooties and such, I took off his shoes and ushered him towards the other kids.

Of course, he jumped right into the fray with both feet and loved every minute of it. He climbed onto the fake rocks and walked on the fake water while the older kids jumped and screeched like monkeys around him. He wasn't at all intimidated by being surrounded by dozens of strange kids, and instead, watched them with an expression that can best be described as "bewildered excitement".

I had my camera with me and was oh so tempted to take pictures, but I totally wimped out for fear that I would look like a big geek. I know, normally I don't care about looking like a big geek. But this time, I let my ego get the best of me.

We grabbed lunch at the food court and then headed home. It was after noon by this time, and A fell asleep about thirty seconds into the ten minute car ride home. And he stayed asleep. I got him into the stroller and to the apartment, but before I took him to his bed, I couldn't resist taking this little video. Listen closely towards the end and you will hear unequivocal proof that he is his father's son.

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Quinn said...

You have got to be kidding me! Are you sure you didn't rig that video with sound effects? How funny! I can still remember that little guy snoring in the middle of community group sleeping in his little car seat. We got to get that kid some Breathe Right nasal strips.