Saturday, September 27, 2008

A dash of Eldo

We made a quick, impromptu trip down to Eldo last weekend to help Leah get a jump start on her wedding planning. We left Friday afternoon after Alex's nap, and instead of falling asleep in the car like a normal child, he stayed up well past his bedtime and was awake at nine-thirty when we got to Grammy and Poppa's. He slept fine and woke up later than usual. Grammy had quite the spread for breakfast so Leah and the Mamaws came over to eat and hang with A.

Grammy got out Timothy's old rocking chair and he knew right what to do with it.

Stand on it, of course. What else are you supposed to do with a chair?

Oh yeah, sitting in it works, too. I think Grammy is determined to turn Alex into a ball player so she'll have more games to watch. To that end, she got him a tee ball set so he can start practicing his swing.

While the girls worked on wedding stuff, Poppa kept A occupied outside. They pretended to drive the lawn mower, checked out the barn, and chased the chickens know, boy stuff.

We got a lot done on Saturday as far as planning goes, including setting the official wedding date for January 17, 2009. And you are all invited. Yes, all of you. Just don't tell Leah you're coming or you'll ruin the surprise.

Later that night, we were instructed to crash a wedding and take notes. Which we did. Except that the bride works with Tim at TK and, oh yeah, we were invited. So I guess we weren't technically crashing. But we would have if Leah had asked us to.

We had planned to go to church Sunday morning, have lunch, then head back home. A was still under the weather, but he sucked it up and helped Grammy make everyone breakfast.

Poor, pitiful thing. After he got dressed, he just wanted to sit around and relax until everyone else was ready to go to church.

When I was ready, I sat down with him and we waited together.

The trip home was fairly uneventful and we made it back to Dallas in one piece. Since then, we've been kind of busy, hence the lackadaisical blogging efforts. More on that later.

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