Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing Miss Renee

I had yet another dentist appointment this week (the second of many, many to come), so we called on good ol' Miss Renee, Childcare Provider Extraordinaire, to come hang out with Alex. This time, I convinced her to let me take a picture. Conveniently, Alex cuddled right in as soon as I picked up the camera and created a great photo opp.

I've started looking for part-time work, so until A starts going to Mother's Day Out, Miss Renee may be spending more time at our place so I can go on interviews and such. Since Miss Renee is technically only available for "backup care", what happens when I start working is still t.b.a.

Oh, by the way, getting a kid into preschool here is more complicated than getting him into college. Preschool doesn't start until age three, but most people place their kids on waiting lists from birth, or in some cases, in utero, to make sure they get into the best ones. Most of the best ones are at churches, so priority goes to church members, those who are most involved, those who participate in Mother's Day Out, etc., etc. Which is why we are on the waiting list for M.D.O. at our church. Sheesh, he better be able to read, write, and do long division by the time he gets to kindergarten or I'm gonna demand a refund.

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