Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I noticed earlier this week that A was well past due for a haircut. Paying someone seventeen dollars to do it was fine for his first haircut and all, but I have no interest in paying someone else to give him a bad haircut when I can give him a perfectly bad haircut myself for free. The biggest challenge is not the haircut itself, but rather, keeping the kid still enough that you don't end up gouging his eye out or giving him a bald spot. And that's what you're actually paying for at those kids' cut places - the cool car chair they sit in, the fun videos, the sights and sounds that distract them from realizing that someone is cutting their hair. Hmmm, how to recreate such effective distractions in the privacy of one's own home...?

Stick 'em in front of the TV with a fudgsicle, that's how.

Worked like a charm, although he probably ingested more of his own hair than he did fudge. And the cleanup wasn't as bad as it may seem - just carry child at arms' length and deposit directly into bathtub.

It's a gruesome scene, I know. It took about fifteen minutes and two fudsicles to get the whole cut done, and I think it turned out pretty okay considering. In fact, it looks even better in person than in pictures. We can spike it, comb it over, or slick it back, which is great because Alex's hair has a mind of its own and you never know what it'll feel like doing on any given day.

Of course, this wasn't my first rodeo. My friend Sarah, my sister, my brother, my husband, and my dog have all been, clients of the Sarah Evans House of Hair Magic. Oh, and myself. It's a rare occasion that I get a haircut and don't come home to pick up where the hairdresser left off. Hmmm, maybe I'm in the wrong field. Perhaps beauty school is in my future. Naahhhhh...

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leah said...

Ok these may be my favorite pics ever!! I love them!! And once I made it past the big ol' cute mess on his face...his eyes are AWESOME!! LOVE HIM!!