Thursday, September 18, 2008

A day with the gucks

Because leaving the house will often improve Alex's mood, or at least postpone his recent crabbiness, I decided to take him to the park on Tuesday. This park is more of a big creek with some grass around it - no swings or slides or anything like that. But it has ducks and duck-like things that might actually be geese. But they quacked like ducks, which really interested Alex because that's his newest animal sound, i.e. the "guck" says "quack-quack".

My bright idea was to bring a soccer ball and let Alex run around with it and burn off some steam. What I didn't expect was for the thick, luscious grass to be so wet and squishy that A would have a hard time walking on it, let alone run on it while dribbling a soccer ball. He didn't really want to touch it, so when he fell down, he would attempt to get back up without putting his hands on the ground.

Eventually he pulled off his own shoes and I stripped off his jacket and rolled his already-soaked pantlegs up, and that seemed to help. After that, I pretty much let him do his thing while I chased him around with the camera.

We left and went home, although not without stopping at Jamba Juice for an Aloha Pineapple smoothie first.


Oliver said...

ugh, i'm SO jealous you have jamba juice. i love that place.

sarah rose said...

These are great pics of Alex in the park. The best is the grassy feet shot. And good job on his haircut- it looks great! Best of luck with the job hunt and interviews and preschool search!