Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Booger Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

When Alex's mobile first arrived, I noticed that the suggested age range on the box was birth to 5 months. I found it odd that something like a mobile would have an age limit, like your kid is a little slow if he still likes to watch a mobile after five months. However, this morning we discovered the likely motivation behind setting such a limit. Alex started stirring around 7 this morning, and when I went in to get him, this is what I found:

Apparently, around the age of five months, your kid will we get sick of just looking at his mobile and will want to grab it instead. Not that the thing was especially secure to begin with, but I was impressed nonetheless. In fact, this isn't the only impressive mobile-related feat he's been accomplishing lately. For the last week or so, his mobile has magically turned itself on at various times during the day and night. All of a sudden I'll hear birds chirping and think, "What the...?" Usually it occurs when he is going to bed or waking up, so I assume he is accidentally hitting the buttons on the front of the machine whilst flailing his arms and legs about. Or maybe he's just a genius child who enjoys a little Mozart as he drifts off to sleep...

Genius or not, Alex is one happy little booger. And the mouth on this kid. I'd like to say that his perpetual yakking is a genetic gift from his father, but I guess I have to take some credit for it. He spends most of the day telling us stories, and from what I can tell, they are funny stories because he's always cracking himself up. Really and truly, it is a rare occasion when he does anything but laugh or smile or talk to us. The funny thing is, he tends to clam up a bit when other people are around. I think he is just trying to be cool, like his image will be tarnished if anyone sees what a goofball he is. As a result, our friends seldom get to see him in all his goofy glory. Well guess what, Alex! Mommy's got video evidence of the real you, and she's about to share it with the whole world!

You may have noticed how, the second after he spied my "hidden camera", he threw it to the ground in a failed attempt to thwart my efforts to out him and his silly side.

The similarities between A and his dad do not end at their big yappers. My favorite part of this next video involves some multi-tasking that proves he's his daddy's child.

In case it wasn't obvious, I was referring to the part where he had the spinning lizard thing in in his right hand and the bug on a string thing in the other. He didn't want to give either up, so he ended up executing several spins of the lizard thing with knife-like precision while scarcely taking his eyes from the buggy string thing...Okay, so maybe it won't impress all of you like it did me. It just struck me as "Tim-like" and I had to point it out.


leah said...

Multi-tasking.....indecisive....its all the same thing! :) And it looks like Murphy wasnt too impressed in that first video :( He needs some Auntie L lovin' and I need some Alex lovin'!! (soon...very soon) Oh and by the way, you realize you called your child a booger??.......something he will be pickin' and eatin' it just a few short years (more and more like his daddy) hehe jk...love ya Tim!

Quinn said...

OK Sarah....I think it is time to move that kid up a notch or 2 on the Jumperoo. I want to start seeing some pikes, toe touches and a few Herkies.