Monday, December 17, 2007

Who's this guy and why should I care?

We had our kid-free community group Christmas party this weekend, so we were in dire need of a babysitter. We had finally decided just to put Alex in his crib with a bottle, a few clean diapers, and a cell phone, with instructions to "Call us if you need anything". For some reason, when we told Grammy our plans, she raced right up to Fayetteville and volunteered to babysit instead. So when she and Papa came up on Saturday afternoon, we decided to take Alex to the mall to see Santa and let him know what a good boy he has been this year.

We weren't sure how he'd react, so we were prepared for pretty much anything. His attitude when we sat him on Santa's lap could best be described as "complete disinterest". I don't think he even noticed whose lap he was sitting on, and if he did, the bushy white hair and suit of red left no impression. Of course, it didn't help that this particular Santa was a bit antisocial. Not in a serial killer kind of way, but more in a he didn't say two words kind of way. He didn't even ask what Alex wanted for Christmas, or whether he had been naughty or nice! Bad Santa! He was adorable though, and he did attempt to tickle Alex in an effort to coax a smile out of him for the picture. In the end, we were satisfied with his sweet, if stoic, expression.

He seemed satisfied with it, as well, so it was all good.

We did a little Christmas shopping, Alex rode this little rhino that was hanging out in the menswear department at Dillard's, and we headed home.


leah said...

Im very bummed to hear that Santa was no good.....because he looks like the Perfect Santa!! :-(

Oliver said...


That was the same Santa I had last year! And you're right...he wasn't much fun. You look very cool in your picture!

Love, Oliver