Friday, December 21, 2007

Sit, Alex, sit! Good boy.

After many, many days of trying to get Captain Roundbottom to sit on his own for more than ten seconds, it took about Alex about ten minutes of "therapy" with Auntie L to become a sitting pro. Okay, maybe not a pro, but at least an amateur well on his way to achieving expert status. I took some still shots, but those hardly demonstrate his sitting prowess. So I've got video, too!!

Within the last half day, he's already had a great time playing with Grammy, Papa, and Auntie L. He even got to see Mamaw Evans and Aunt Sylvia and got to show off his new sitting chops.

Turns out he also loves Grammy's Nutcracker collection, which we've decided means that he will love the Christmas musical or that he himself has a future in the ballet (which daddy says is okay if it will help his football career).

Oh yeah, and we tried some of Timothy's baby clothes on him, which led to Grammy pulling out all of Timothy's baby pictures, which led to lots of laughter and mockery (at Timothy's expense more than Alex's). Don't I have the sweetest boys?

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