Friday, December 7, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do

So we have decided that it is about time for Alex to start talking. I mean, he is constantly making noise anyway, so it might as well be words rather than incomprehensible babbling (although we think that he thinks he's actually having a conversation with us, which is totally adorable). To achieve that end, we have been barraging him with a constant flow of "mama's, dada's, and baba's" with the hope that he will eventually start to reciprocate. Of course, I have focused mostly on the "mama's", operating under the theory that whoever puts in the time will reap the benefits and hear their name uttered first. However, instead of focusing on "dada's", Alex's daddy decided that he would encourage him to blow raspberries. So now, in typical boy fashion, he is become more interested in imitating fart sounds than actual words. (btw, the noises coming from behind the camera during this clip are being made by my mouth.)

It is the cutest thing ever because he tries sooooo hard to execute each pbbbbttttttttttt!!!!!!! perfectly, and when he doesn't do it to his self-imposed standards, he gets really frustrated. At times he turns purple in the face or gags himself in an effort to perform, which is pitiful and hilarious at the same time. (btw, I think the noises in this clip are coming from Timothy's mouth, but one can never be sure...)

Although words have yet to be uttered, we are pleased that he has started to imitate anything that we do, cuz really, that is the first step in getting him to start repeating what we say. The next challenge will be to get Timothy to stop doing things that we don't want Alex to imitate...

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Quinn said...

Those videos are too funny! I LOVE his little face and how hard he really is trying. Bottom line....I'm very impressed with his work ethic!