Monday, December 17, 2007


As you may have noticed, it's been forever and a day since I've blogged. I guess the havoc of the holiday season will do that to you. Although I haven't taken the time to blog, I have nonetheless taken about a thousand pictures of Alex's every move over the last week or so. So many, in fact, that my computer has thrown a hissy and is now informing me that I am lacking enough disk space to add any more pics to my already abundant collection of image files. 24.1 gigs worth, to be exact. Instead of pulling an all-nighter to compose a decent post that describes the entire week past, I will break it down into more manageable chunks and leave you shivering in anticipation for the next installment.

This week's events have included a new "first", so that seems like a good place to start. I've been using a plastic cup to pour water on Alex during bath time, and he has taken to snatching the cup out of my hand so that he can play with it. As of late, he has taken quite an interest in watching Timothy and I eat and drink, so I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that he knew exactly what to do with a cup that has water in it - drink out of it, of course! Despite some occasional choking and sputtering episodes, he does pretty well with small sips. So I thought, what the hey, let's try out the sippy cup.

It's really not all that different from what he's used to. I mean, it's pretty much a bottle with handles, what with the lid and the nipply spout thing that sticks out of the top. The one we have is designed for the transition from bottle to cup, so it even requires some sucking action to get the water out. So really, I think the water was more of a surprise than the odd bottle-like thing he was drinking it out of. He examined it for a second, grabbed the handles, and like everything else he can get his mitts on, stuck it in his mouth.

As with his bottle, his biggest challenge is holding the dern thing at an angle so that the liquid actually comes out. For now, though, he is content just to hang onto it and play with the spout, delighting in the rare instance that water actually makes it from the cup to his mouth.


Oliver said...

your child is brilliant, for the love!

leah said...

You go Alex!! Hey, you know what goes good in sippy cups??? Sweet Tea!!! :-)

hillarykey said...

I think that is WONDERFUL!! Russell was able to detach from the bottle no problem,and it sounds like Alex will be a shoe-in. He is such a charmer!